H1B Transfer only 16 months left on H-1B


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Thanks for the information, I will be having 16 months of H-1B visa in which 4 months will be from 5th year H-1B, if I start GC process.. It takes around 5 months for initial process (Privelaging vagues, Advertisement and documentation works)  and by the time PERM (Labour) is applied I will be in 6th year of H-1B, will I be able to get subsequent extensions and PEMR Approval ???

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Suppose, your PERM is filed when you have only 9 months left on H1b. In that case, you need to go out of US for say 3 to 4 months and create this gap of 365 or more days. Once you do that, your employer could file H1b extension beyond 6th yr on the basis that PERM is now pending for 365 or more days. That way you would get 1 yr H1b extension. 

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