PERM Filed; getting married to US citizen


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Apologies if these questions have been addressed in previous threads, if yes, please direct me there. 


My company has filed PERM recently (pending approval) and I'll be getting married to a US citizen by early next year. I am curious to know:


  • What is the process to start green card process after I get married (given PERM is already filed through my employer)?
  • Are there any implications of PERM filing overlapping with my marriage to US citizen?
  • Is it possible to scratch the PERM from my company and start the process afresh post marriage?
  • Any other pointers / concerns that I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance for any information you are willing to provide!





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Thank You. I am perfectly aware of this fact. I was answering the OIP who seemed to have doubts about the process. It would be stupid to not file based on Marriage to an USC. Glad to know you are policing the forum. It makes me feel better knowing my errors will be corrected.


Snarky much, eh?

If you are aware of it, why did you use the phrase "need to"? It was false advice, and that's what I corrected. You are welcome to correct me if I post something wrong...

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