L1 to H1 Visa Query


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I work for a Company (say C1) and am working with the company on an L1 visa (valid till Dec, 2014). This year, I applied for H1B with another Company (say C2) this year which got approved and will be active effective Oct 1st, 2014.

My questions are: 

1. If I want to stay with the current employer (C1) and work on L1B, what do I have to do to ensure I can continue to work with C1?

2. In future if and when I decide to work with C2 on H1B, what is the process to activate the H1B and how long does it take?

3. Are there any risks involved in the process of switching from one Visa and employer to another?

4. Can I work for my current employer C1 with my new H1 visa? If yes, what are the steps involved?

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