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Hi I am traveling to India on Nov28 2014 and coming back on 22nd Dec. My current Visa is valid till 18th Jan 2015. I have also applied to H1 extension. I am planning to come back on Existing Visa (which is valid 1 month from my entry to US). plus H1 extension approved petition. 



My questions are.


a) During my travel, My Wife will go for stamping based on my H1 extension approved Petition. So while coming back i will have visa stamped for next month and a approved I797 (H1 extension) and My wife will have Visa stamped based on my Extension. . Will that be a problem, Can Officer at port of entry ask that why my wife went for Stamping and I did not. 


I want to avoid stamping and come back on existing Visa valid for one month and H1 extended Petition.  


AS my wife will be traveling for first time, she has to go for stamping. 



Please let me know any risk associated with it. 








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