Turned Back at Canadian Border but Readmitted


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I need to know if we have cause for concern.
I began dating my wife while she was still living in Canada. She would visit the states often to see me. Once while crossing the border, she was turned back becaue they found her frequest visits suspicious. She returned to a different border crossing with the information she was required to bring to prove that she had actually been living in Canada the whole time. She was at that point legally admitted. Since then we got married, and now are applying for a Green Card.

During our interview, the incident regarding the time she was not admitted was raised and they did not approve her for a Green Card pending clearance from CBP.
Is there cause for concern in this case? In the end, she entered the country legally, our marriage is true and valid, she has absolutely no criminal history and we do have an attorney. Even the attorney seemed surprised at the result of this interview. What are we looking at here?


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