Reschedule my bio-metrics appointment to delay GC

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My situation:

I am on H1-B. My priority date is Dec 1 2008 (EB2 category). I filed for adjustment of status (I-485) and EAD/AP on Aug 1. I got my bio-metrics notice for Aug 28.
My Problem:
I am unmarried. Looks like if everything goes ok, my 485 can be approved by Oct/Nov (In case the date doesn't retrogress)
My Options:
1) I rush everything and get married before they approve my 485. and bring my wife on H-4 and file her I-485. It will be too much rushed for me
2) Reschedule my bio-metrics appointment for a later date to ensure I-485 doesn't get approve this year and the dates retrogress and then go to India get married and next year when the date becomes current again then file for my wife's I-485. In this scenario I should still get my EAD and AP this year and wait for my GC until next year. Anyway EAD is almost as good as GC.
3) Let the I-485 approve this year, get a green card and then try to explore options to bring my wife- I've heard this can be quite complicated as you can only bring her on H-1 (as there is no visa for Green card holder's spouse) and sponsoring her on Green card can take up to 2 yrs. right now the proority date for F2A is Jan 2013.
4) Any other option that I don't know of ?
Right now I'm leaning towards option 2. Am I correct?
Please help!
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