Impact of Canadian citizenship and some questions


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Hi All


I got my GC thru my H1B employer by CP while I was in Canada.I worked for my employer 3 + years before leaving for Canada and worked 1 year after coming back to US. Before moving back to US, we all applied for Canadian citizenship.


My wife and son (US born citizen) and my wife (Indian passport) got Canadian citizenship recently.However my case I did not appear for test. 


My goal is to have dual citizenship for my wife( 3 years away from US, currently on GC here)


My questions are:


0) Should I withdraw from Canadian citizenship  officially? As I did not appear for test it defaults to withdraw as per my understanding.

1) Does my wife need to update here in US her change of citizenship?And where?

2) I understand she has to give up Indian citizenship withinin 3 months, but I heard OCI process may take upto 3 months(before that she needs to get Canada passport , ~ 30 days). But we wanted to travel to India in December. So is travel not allowed on Indian passport anymore?

3)Will there be any impact of US citizenship due to her Canadian citizenship?

4) By marriage and by living with Canadian citizen , I will be entitled to PR of Canada even though I may not renew it. Any complications for it?



Sorry for lot of questions . Appreciate your help and thanks in advance!


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