Attorney Misleading me ? gap in I-797


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Hello folks


My cap exempt I-797 and corresponding I-94 expires on September 23rd 2014.


The new I-797 and I-94 that was approved this week has a start date from October 1st 2014, so there is a gap of 7 days between my old I-797/I-94. and the new one.


The attorney who filed this petition says that this is not a concern and will not affect my work or status.


Can you guys confirm ?


What would be my status for that one week in between ? Would this affect my future options (GC etc) ?


I also need to renew my drivers license.

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So what is my status in the 7 day period ?

In the future if I disclose the various status's I have held in the past (like I did for my new I 797) would I not be lying by not disclosing this period with no document to establish status ?


When an H1 expires, the person has a 10-day grace period. That's one of the two instances where there is a grace period for an H1.

This means you are in valid H1 status, even though you can not work during that time.

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