continuous residencey requirement (many short trips)


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After getting my greencard I have been physically in the US

for the first 30 months and after that for the next 30 months

I have been travelling to my home country (taking care of my old parents) such that each trip to home coutnry lasted around 5 months less than six month and then I have came back to US staying (same address in US) for about a month and then travelling back to the home coutnry for another 5 month and so on and so forth.


1) I am wondering if I have broken the contiuous residency requirement for the natrualization?

2) Can I mail my application, N-400, while I am outside of US or do I need to do that when I am back to US?



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Hi new citizenship applicant,


I am in the similar situation as you are, however I got my GC in Feb 2012 when I was out of US. I came to US on Apr 1st 2012 and stayed till March 1st 2014 and they I went out of US from then on and planning to go back on Sep 10th for a month or so.


1. If i stay in US like a month or 2 and go out for the next 5 months till i reach my 5 years from the date i received GC and till I stayed 30 months in USA altogether, will i be able to apply for naturalization?

2. I want to know will this break the continuous residency requirement for the naturalization?


I hope you can help as you been through the same thing as I am going through now.


Appreciate your help.



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Thanks for your response JoeF.


So is there a limitation on GC like you have to be in US for a specified period of time each year to not to loose the status? I am currently working for a US employer even though i am outside of US so i am paying taxes in US. 


I was under the impression that if you are there in US for every 6 months that will keep the GC status active as long as you pay taxes, is that not correct? 

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