URGENT: Lost India passport with L1 B valid stamping and H1 B in process


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Hi all,

I am going through a very bad situation. While I am in the US on L1 B (valid until 2016 with visa stamping) with Company A, I applied for H1B (FY 2015) with company B. My application got picked in lottery and received RFE. In July 2014 I travelled to India for a short trip.unfortunately I lost my passport and my company A is applying for a new L1 B petition. I need to now attend interview in Chennai consulate in a week. At the same I got to know from Company B that they responded to RFE on July 28, 2014. My questions:

(1) What kind of questions might be asked at the consulate considering my H1 B case and L1 B stamping?

(2) Do you think visa officer will ask me to choose b/w L1 B and H1B?

(3) What questions should I be well prepared considering my case?

Just to let you know, I am fine continuing to work for my current employer. Please help me addressing my questions and also share anyother advice if any.

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