2nd h1-b extension based on previous company's I-140


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My current h1-b with employer B expires Dec 2015. I received the current extension based on approved i-140 from employer A.

In order to receive a 2nd 3 year extension beyond 2015 with employer B, is it sufficient to produce just the approved I-140 from my previous employer (employer A) ? {They have not revoked it and assured me that they won't } or

will my current employer need to have filed my new PERM before Dec 2014 in addition to furnishing the copy of I-140 from employer A to get the h1-b extensions beyond 2015.

My company attorney tells me that I should be eligible for a 3 year extension regardless of whether they file my PERM before Dec 2015 ?

Any opinions/thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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