Will Passport expiration impact visa period


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Planning to apply US visiting visa for inlaws.Their passport will expire in 1.5 years.In this case will they be given 10 year multiple visa(As most cases given) or limit their visa period to passport validity(Just giving for 2 years).


I am guessing their passport validity should not impact the B2 visa period entry.May be they grant it for 10 years and before expiring of their passport they should reapply it and new passport will be still carrying the visa expired date.For ex: If their passport expires on Jan 2016 if they attend interview on august 2014.Their B2 Visa multiple entry may be given till August 2024 and when new passport is applied before old passport expires,the new passport will carry Aug 2024 validity.Or should they again reapply for B2 visa once passport expires.


Please suggest.


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