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PERM pending 365 days means one year extensions beyond 6 years for the H1.

I-140 pending more than one year means extensions beyond 6 years for the H1.

In both the above cases the extension is one year at a time.

If the I-140 is approved you may be entitled to 3 year extensions of H1 beyond the initial total of 6 years.

What is your question?

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I guess my question is A company fied my GC 5 months back, and i havent recived any notice from USCIS regarding I140 or I485, but i have offer for new job( thats my A company attonry sugesstion that i can move after 180 days) i am on H1b right now.

3 questions

1. can i use portability and move after 180 days if B company offer similar or higer job

2. CanB company file H1b before 180 days passed

3. What will be the risk doing this in terms of GC

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