7th year extension on spouse GC


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   Am in the 6th year of my H1 tenure. My employer just applied for my perm labor early last month. My 797 expires in Dec of this year. Am planning to marry a GC holder in August.


1. I want to know if I can get my 7th year H1 extension based on my husbands GC. 

2. If not are there any other options to maintain my status in US once I get married to a GC holder.

3. How soon should I apply for an extension to maintain my status.( I mean best case scenario if I get I-140 approval in November can I still apply for extension in Dec as my 797 expires in Dec)

4a. If I travel to India before Dec(before my 797 expires) Will my labor would still be processing?

4b. Can I apply for I-140 and extension while am in India.(As I travel before complete end of 6yr term I can still be eligible for that extension rt?)


Any help is highly appreciated.



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