i94 issue after H1b extended.


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Hi everybody,
I have a problem with my i94...

Here's the context:
I started to work under H1B since Nov. 2011, my H1B status was valid till 9/12/2014.
My company filed an extention of my H1B and got approved in May.. New validity period is 9/13/2014 to Sep. 2017.
I went back to home country after my extension was approved in May, got my new VISA stamped (with my old 9/12/2014 I797 because the new one was not effective yet), and came back to the US in June. Upon arrival, the officer gave a date of '9/22/2014' for my i94 on my passport, and I have just checked the online i94 status and it also says 9/22/2014..

So my question is, in order to extend my i94, do I need to leave the country and come back? If I have to leave and come back, can I just make a one or two day trip.. like leave USA for Mexica on Saturday and come back on Sunday.. Is that going to be an issue?

Your input is very much appreciated!
Thank you.


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