Missing departure record, even after giving I94 to the airline staff


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I travelled to India last March. The airline staff has taken the I94 Card and security staff scanned my passport.


In India, I had dropbox and my passport got successfully stamped.

When i returned, Immigration officer asked, how long did i stay in India and i replied 3 Weeks.


After reaching, when i tried to get I94 printout online, the departure record (March) was missing.


While i tried to research on this, I got two related solutions, but neither helps my situation.

1. Missing/Lost I94

2. Failed to give I94 to airline staff.


I have my departure boarding pass, dropbox receipt and credit card statement from India(for proof of stay in India)


What should i do now to get my departure record updated? Is this the airline staff mistake?


Solutions for my issue are highly appreciated!

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@jairichi, I returned on march!


@pontenvecchio, I had no issue returning. But i am afraid there may be issue when i renew my H1B visa or during my GC process. So i wanted to add the departure record in the online I-94 portal.  So here my question was, whom should i contact to correct the issue?

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I have contacted local CBP office by phone, they said it is not an issue as i came back and i have my latest record (arrival).


I am just thinking of sending the supporting doc(Doc that proofs i was in India like Boarding pass) to the London, KY CBP office without I-94. Got this address from the link.




Any suggestion please?

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If you take the trouble to read up the FAQ'S on the Consulate sites in India they tell you not to bother as all the records are already available to them. Keep copies of your boarding pass etc. If you wish. In any case if you input the problem in GOOGLE you will get the relevant CBP rules. It is not necessary to send any mail to Kentucky. That instruction was relevant a few years back.

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