H1 Transfer from india issue with Employer company Temp Suspension


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I have H1b Stamping from Company A witt visa valid till mar 2016, but due to some reason the employes company has got into problem claim that his company has got temporary suspension and asking me not to travel on the Visa till further confirmation from him , but if i apply for H1 transfer to company B


1.Can i travel with the Exisitng visa with new I797 approved

2.Do i have to go to fresh stamping as the company has run into trouble

3. incase if the employeer cacel the Work permit or gets cancelled will the visa be still valid for a travel ?


i have never travel to USA before.


Can someone please advise





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Hi All,


Thanks for the reply, another clarification


As per my discussion with the employer he claims that there is some investigation happening on his company from US embassy and his H1 renewals are been rejected and having issues @port of entry and not revealing much of further information but claims that he is working with the solicitor to addressed the issue but is not confirming any time schedule for resolution.


and even if i say i will take the chance of coming there he is advising not too and warning me that you might be deported back


My other questions is that


If the Company A Employer cancel my visa and i haven't yet found an Employer B to start my Transfer will this mean that i will be out of my lottery  Cap and again have to start everything from scratch , what i meant is that do i have to go through the lottery system again or what complication will this put me in ?




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Hi Jai,


what do you meant by take a chance @port of entry ?


i have checked in the below link if the company name is registered as defaulter and the name is not been listed




what do you mean by not utilised max allowed stay of 6 years i have not even travelled to US once 

Do not take a chance of coming to US when your employer is being investigated. Let employer be cleared of anything by investigating authorities.

Since you have never used your H1B any employer can file a cap exempt H1B petition and you are eligible for 6 years.

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