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Our priority date is current it's sept 2007, and visa category is EB2 India follow to join through consular processing.

Our PD got current on 1 July, my case at NVC got completed on 24th June. How long they generally take to schedule interview. My case is at mumbai consulate and I have seen immediate relatives of citizens getting interview letter at mumbai consulate even though they have got their case completed after me.

Can you please advise is there any hidden step between case completion and interview letter, as I can see slot being available at consulate, so I am not sure what I am waiting for now. We are scared that dates might retrogress again in September and if are not interviewed before then, we will be stuck with no choice left. Please advise what should we do so that we get interviewed before retrogression in our visa category. Thanks for your response.

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It usually takes 60-90 days and depends upon the priority date.

My priority date is current, if it takes 60-90 days for them just to schedule the interview, how it is possible for any EB2 India to get visa, as it got current on 1 July and DOS is already talking about retrogression.

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Usually they will have taken away visa numbers for your family and hence retrogression should not affect you. There may be ways to accelerate the process. Get yourself a lawyer and discuss it with him.

That's not the case actually, your PD should be current even on the day of interview if it retrogress one will be interviewed but will not be allotted visa.

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I am sorry my friend, but what you are saying is not true either, please read the below email one of my friend received from local consulate after interview, when he was awaiting some administrative processing.

Dear Sir,

Unfortunately, due to a worldwide retrogression of the F2A cut-Off date, your visa number is no anymore available startin June1, 2014. Even if we get a positive answer for your case, we will not able to issue you a visa until a visa number will be available for your visa class.

We advise to keep look at the visa bulletin at department website.


Consular Section

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There is not a step that one has to take between the NVC completion of processing and the issuance of the interview letter. That is all internal. There typically is a bit of a delay between the NVC completion and the day of the interview. There is also some problem in the DOS computer system right now----we have a Newsflash on that topic.


With respect to visa numbers and the consulates---it does work a bit differently than the AOS process, but retrogression is still a big concern. The consulates request visa numbers for the particular month. The Visa Bulletin is valid for the month of issuance, and can't be changed midstream, even if visa numbers run out.


So, since consulates request what they need for the month, they SHOULD have the numbers all in hand for the interviews that are set for any particular month.

On the other hand, the USCIS makes requests for visa numbers on an indvidual case basis. So, if the visa numbers are all used up by the middle of the month, while the visa bulletin won't change, and people will be able to FILE I-485s, the USCIS won't be able to issue approvals.


This consular practice of getting "batches" of visa numbers in advance is why there are sometimes extra visa numbers ---known as consular returns--that are added back in and made available.

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