F1 Visa approved -- But dont want go to US for personal reasons..Any issues in getting future VISAS?


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Hi Experts - My F1 visa was approved for summer 2. Due to personal reasons I have deferred it to Fall 2014 and communicated same to College. Due to family reason I might be not able to go for FALL 2014 as well? 


In this case


1.) do I have any issue if I plan to attend spring semester on same VISA ? or should I go for new VISA ?


2.) Incase My F1 goes invalid due to this reason, do I have any problems in getting other VISA's like L2 or H4 ?




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Hi Experts,


Need a bit more clarification on my visa


My F1 was approved for Summer 2 but because of family reasons i deferred to Fall semester but due to family problems i'm decided to not to go for fall also and not planning any deferrals also so what happened to my visa? and as i was married my husband is trying for L1 or H1B so i'm planning to go as his dependent so,am i going to face any problems for this dependent visa because of this approved F1(not going) and for transfer of H4 to F1?


Please suggest me....

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