Travel outside after H4-H1 is approved


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Hello -  My H4-H1 got approved on Jun 24th and I am yet to get my notice and also I have a valid H4 Visa till Nov 30th. I am planning to book my tickets to London to travel in August and come back US in 1st week of September.


When I inform this to my H1B employer, they told me not to travel during that time because at the port of entry I will not be allowed without H1B Visa Stamp due the fact that my H1B was already approved.


I am just wondering will that be true? I have a valid H4 Visa till November 30th and why would not they allow me on H4 and also my H1 only starts from October 1st.


I would really appreciate your thoughts. If there is a chance that I would be denied at POE on H4 then I would cancel my trip.




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