H1 revocation time

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Hi all,


My employer cam to know about my job search and now he is threatening to revoke my H1.


I was wondering how much time it takes for H1 revocation and how much time have to start my H1 transfer!


I tried visiting various forums but got contradicting answers such as:

1. H1 revocation happens in a day

2. H1 revocation can take upto 3 months

3. H1 revocation happens in a week but there is a grace period to find another job


Please let me know what is the correct timeline for H1 revocation?

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H1 revocation has nothing at all to do with any time you have for a transfer.

You are out of status from the day you quit or get laid off.

Forget about H1 revocation. It is completely irrelevant for you.

The day of layoff matters. And there is ZERO grace period. File a COS, e.g., to B2, immediately.

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Once laid off you are considered out of status from that point. The employer has to pay your fare back home. The revocation per se is immaterial to you whenever that happens. It is also true that people working for major known companies have been able to transfer the H1 even after a few days out of status. Get a new H1 sponsor sooner rather than later and if necessary leave and return with the H1 visa.

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