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Hi Guys,


I am waiting for my final waiver from USCIS. I got the favorable recommendation from DOS on May 6, 2014. Its has been more than 6 weeks. I am getting worried now. There is no official timeline for processing time posted on the Vermont website for the NOS waiver. Can anybody tell me how much longer I have to wait?


P.S.: Calling USCIS doesn't help as they tell me it is 4 months which seems to be the case for other categories (hardship etc.)







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Hello Arun,


Have you heard anything from USCIS?


The Department of State sent the No Objection Recommendation to USCIS Vermont on 27 May.  It is now 23 June and I have not even heard anything from the USCIS in Vermont.


What is the next step and how long will it take?



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Have you both received the final waiver from USCIS?


I am in a similar boat as you guys. The Dept of State forwarded the favorable recommendation on June 24 to USCIS. Today is July 23, and I haven't heard a word from the USCIS. I still haven't received the case application number.


I was hoping that you both can share your experience which will help me in my application.


Thank you



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Hi Karan,


The Department of State sent a favorable recommendation to the USCIS Service Centre in Vermont on 27 June.  I have also not heard anything.


I tried contacting the USCIS helpline number and the Vermont Service Center (via email) and the officers are confused between I-612 applications re persecution and hardship.


Are you in the US right now?  Have you considered going to the Vermont Service Center? And is your employer planning to write to the USCIS?




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Hi Everyone,


In a way I am glad to hear that I am not the only one awaiting for USCIS J1 waiver final decision. DOS has made a favorable recommendation to my case on June 20th, 2014. Since one month had passed and I had not received a receipt notice from USCIS I decided to call on July 21st. I was able to talk with a representative and he located my case and gave me the case number. After 2 days I received the receipt notice letter at my house, and there it said that my case was received by USCIS on June 30th. I have being checking my case status daily, and it is still under initial review.


By the way, if you decide to call Vermont Service Center, don’t even try to explain about DOS. Just tell you have filed an I-612 more than 30 days ago, and that you have not received the receipt notice. They will transfer you to someone else and most likely you will have to wait for over 1 hour (but you can leave a call back number) and the next person should be able to locate your case.


Good luck to all.

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Hi Lupegatto & others on the forum,


I got my Receipt Number. But, my online case status is still showing "Acceptance". The website itself clearly provides that "acceptance" takes 2 business days and it is stuck at acceptance for a week now. Have your applications moved? 


Also, my waiver is on "no-objection" basis and not on persecution and hardship grounds. Any idea about processing times?


Thank you for your reply.





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Hi Karan,


My waiver is also "no-objection" and in my case it shows initial review. I am not sure about processing time. I have a friend that last year got his final waiver from USCIS 2 weeks after DOS sent the favorable recommendation. Other cases I found online took about the same time, so I don't know why ours is taking so long. I will keep every body posted if there is any movement in my case.





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Hi all,


Although my case still shows under initial review, I have seem some movement and waivers being approved in the past few days. Most of them had a receipt notice data of June 30th. So maybe we will not have to wait much longer. Keep your fingers crossed and lets pray for all of us to get a favorable decision.

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I have not! And since yesterday I didn't see any updates on the website. The most recent final decisions I see were from August 8th, but just a handful. Not sure if the website is not getting updated, if they are processing J1 waivers slower or if a combination of both. But this waiting in the dark is so painful.

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Hi singh2014


If you know your case number, you can start changing the last 2-3 digits and will see that all these applications are for J1 waivers, and if you check daily with the last 2 digits going up or down, you will see when decisions were made. I have no idea if cases are processed in order they are received, I cannot tell what type of waiver that is, but at least you can see that they are slowly working.

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Hi, has anyone received final waiver approval from USCIS in the past 3-4 weeks?. I noticed, on some of the time-lines posted here, between DOS recommendation and final waiver, it used to take 2-3 weeks. But that seems to have changed. Is this specific to Vermont Service Center?

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All, great news!!!! I've got my J1 waiver approved. USCIS website was updated today, but actual date they've mailed the final approval notice is August 22nd.


Good luck to all of you!!!!!!

Thanks and Congratulations to you! what a relief. Hopefully others on this thread who got their receipt weeks ago may also have got their waivers. 

I got my receipt notice from USCIS today (DOS recco sent August 1st; USCIS notice date August 21, 2014).

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Hello everybody,


I'm in the same situation as you guys, I'm still waiting for the USCIS receipt and approval after the favorable recommendation. I'm really worry because my J-1 ends mid-october and I need to fill for an H1-B. I would like to ask, in case anyone know or is in the same situation, what would happen if my visa ends and I still haven't receive the final approval letter? Do I need to leave the country?


Thanks a lot in advance for your answers!

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