Can I continue working on L1B Visa after Oct 1st if my H1B is approved


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If the H1Bwas filed as COS and he has in hand an I94 for H1B, he needs to report for work there. Alternatively, he can exit and reenter before and after the start date of the H2B.


He may be liable for damages to the H1B employer for failing to appear.


If he did not intend to use the H1B, he should not have found an employer to file for him. There are 10s of thousands of people wanting the H1B who would have used it. (I sure wish USCIS would be more particular about "banking" H1B approvals for future use.)

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One of my friend's is currently working for company 'A' on his L1. He got a H1 from company 'B'. But because of some personal reasons, He would like to continue working with company 'A' for an year. Can he do that?

If his H1B is approved as COS then he has to start working for H1B employer from Oct 1st. To continue working for L1 employer he has to exit and enter US with a L1 visa and I797 on H1B start date.

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