Second Stamping in Canada


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I am trying to book an appointment in Canada.When I try to register and login in, it brings up my 2012 information when I had appeared for visa interview.

Does anyone know how to clear that and take a new appointment with the new application id ?

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For me also same case. I went to Vancouver Canada for first in Feb 2012 and for second time I went o Vancouver Canada in Apr 2014. There is no need to change anything. Once you take an appointment, your new appointment details will be shown in Appointment Details section.


I went with my wife so when I took new appointment it showed new details and when my new Waybill number was generated it showed me new. Until new waybill number was available for me it showed old number. So no need to worry. Just go ahead and take appointment. Details will change as and when they are available,

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I got a new passport number since my old one(with which I got H1b stamped during the last visit to Vancouver)  got expired. The passport number field is not editable. Not sure how to book an appointment with the new passport number. Did anyone face this issue before?




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Thanks for your response:)


What I meant was, when I booked the appointment back in 2013, I did it with my old passport. So when I login now with my existing account, it shows the old passport number only. I wanted to update it to the new passport number before making an appointment this time but there is no place in the website to update the passport number:(

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No problem at all! You don't need to apologize while you are helping me:)


It works. Thanks a lot!!!! 

This might be a dumb question but still wanted to clarify. Since this is going to be a new passport, do I need to take any additional documents to the interview.

I always prefer doing the stamping interviews at the same location because I have a dumb assumption that my data is already present in their system which might reduce the possibility of rejection a bit. But I think my data will be linked to my old passport number and this is a new passport number. Please let me know your valuable inputs.




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Yes, even it is new passport you need to carry ALL documents to your interview. You must also carry all your old and new passports and all h1B approvals. There is no general assumption that you will always get your visa if you go to interview at same location. Success and failure depends on the individual and case by case basis but not on location.


What I mean to say if first time you went to Canada and you got ur visa but second eventhough you may go to Canada but still you may not get your visa. Or else first time you went to Canada got your visa and second time you may go to India and still you get visa... so donot assume that going to one locations always will get you visa.. Visa success or failure depends on case by case but not on location

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