Complicated situation - GC after divorce

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My husband had applied for employer based GC and I got to apply GC along with him. We had attended the GC interview in July 2009 by which time we had our EAD & i485 approved. Due to personal circumstances, my US Citizen kids & I moved to India in Oct 2009. My husband has been in US all along. 


In 2012, husband & I got divorced in India legally. I came to know only this week that my green card was approved & mailed out on Dec 27, 2013. I think my husband (ex now) has received the GC but for obvious reasons has not given or told me about it. 


My question is as follows:

Can I apply for a duplicate GC (with a relative's address in US) and use that to return back to US?

If yes, what is the deadline for me to travel back?

Or should I apply for a returning resident visa?


I had a valid AP & H1 when I came to India in 2009.


Sorry for the long story. Appreciate your valuable inputs.




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