30 days before the college start


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I entered US May 29th 2014 , but my college starts from June 30th 2014 but as per Student Exchange Visitor Program rules  I cannot enter US more than 30 days in advance.


Does this cause any issue to my status, because it is 31days?


Can you please tell me the options?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

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I would not worry about a day.  I know the way to count days on which you enter and exit are counted in an odd way for some purposes (like counting the number of days you are actually in or out of the US for some time specific requirements). I do not recall for F1 but since you were admitted, it should not be an issue in the future. 


In the future, do not cut it so close - especially like leaving on a dated I-94.  Travel plans can be delayed causing illegal presence due to an overstay.

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