I-485 dates current and RFE received for EVL


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This is my first posting in this forum, so please excuse me if I am not very much clear in asking the question.


My 485 dates are going to be current soon and received RFE for the EVL.

My current employer is not the same employer who filed the GC. I joined my current employer August 2013.

Now these are my questions:


1. As EVL will be from my new/current employer .. do I need to file AC21 also now as that was never filed ?

2. Can my current employer lawyer answer this RFE ? or I will have to go my old lawyer ? or I can answer the RFE on my own?

2. I am not clear about the Job description that was put in my labour but I can see this job duty section in I-140 document that was sent to me by GC holding employer.

Can I assume these are the job duties for which I have to get the EVL from my current employer.


Job Duties
At this position, incumbent will perform the following job duties for us: Will analyze and design customized software packages. Will analyze users' needs and design, code, and maintain general computer applications software or specialized utility programs. Will analyze/solve customers' technical issues and communicate with project members; create project plans; provide after-hours/24x7 support, maintenance and upgrade services to customers. Provide customer support during and after product installation and implementation.
I will really appreciate if the senior members of this group can help me answering these questions.
Thanks and Regards
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I would ask you to have a Lawyer go over the situation and give you appropriate guidance. AC21 Is your remit. The new company needs only produce an appropriate job offer. If you have gone through this forum you wi8ll realize that specialist guidance which could be life altering is best left to professionals. Please give the firm of Murthy a call before you get any replies from the forum.

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