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I posted a question a few weeks ago about my sister going to summer camp and then college in the US. The time between the two events is pretty tight (camp ends Aug 2, school starts Aug 15) so she basically has about less than two weeks to fly back home, interview for F1, looking for housing (because she cannot sign a housing contract without having your F1 approved). 


She just got her B2 visa for the camp, which starts on July 13 (she'll fly on July 10). Now if she goes ahead and interview for F1 right now, would her B2 be automatically cancelled?


Thanks in advance for your advice. 

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What's the date on her I-20? If it is on or before Aug 13th, the B2 visa is not required (i.e. doesn't matter if it gets cancelled), so long as she gets the F-1 stamp. On F-1, she is allowed to enter 1 month prior to the date on the I-20.

Thanks for your input. That sounds like a reasonable approach. Since she already had B2, would it be any trouble getting F1if she does use her B2? 

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I would suggest that the poster in post #6 get a consultation with the firm of Murthy to discuss ways to achieve the stated aim.

Many factors involved.


1. How long have you stayed abroad?

2. Unless stated at the POE it is not possible to get a B2 to F1 COS. In any case college admission is a long process unless one is thinking of these mills which have come up.

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