Urgent: H1B approval , stamping and processing


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Hello all..

I have H1B approval from a consultant and currently am on H4 status. Am trying for a job.

1) Meanwhile, can I extend my H1B approval expiry date?

Also, if I get a job by then,

1) Can I still work with the same H1B if the hiring company agrees to work through the consultant...if so do I need to get stamping? or how should I go about it if the company agrees to work through the consultant?

2) If the company asks me to work for them directly, then what is the process? Do I need to apply for transfer or get a new H1B applied from that company?

3) If I did apply for H1B from my hiring company directly, how long it may take to work?

Please provide me some feedbacks as soon as possible, thanks in advance.


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