Experience affidavit from previous managers - Will there be any legal issues in future for manager

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Applying for I140 - Trying to get affidavit from previous employment managers to show the 5 years of progressive experience: 


I'm trying to get the affidavits from my previous employment managers to get the skills certified, the affidavit needs to be notarized and the manager who is going to provide the affidavit resides in India. 

1. Will there be any legal obligation or responsibilities, he has to encounter from any of the US govt Departments in the future because he has to provide a notarized letter. (Considering the information on the letter are true and genuine). 

2. Will they be contacted by any of the US Departments (like USCIS) in the future ? (even if they are in India)


The question is to clarify the doubts to ensure it will not be any trouble in future. 


Thanks .

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They are not required to do anything in support of your application. If they have any concerns, they can speak with US qualified attorneys based outside the US.  It is quite possible that the US attorneys have a relationship with a firm where your old managers are located and a consultation can be arranged to be paid for by your employer.

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You don't have to worry. USCIS may try to contact to establish the authenticity of your experience.


But they donot cause any "trouble" to the providers of the experience letters.


Also depends on how do you define "trouble" ?


Just a simple phone call or filling up a follow-up form from USCIS (highly likely)




Raiding their homes with FBI and CIA (highly unlikely)

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