H4 to F1 visa stamping Canada help


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Hi Folks,


Need some advice regarding H4 to F1 stamping in Canada.



My wife joined school this Jan 2014 as H4  and we got our COS to F1 approved for Summer semester , so we are planning to go for visa stamping after the summer semester which will be around august and September. I have a list of ques



1) COURSEWORK :As per the coursework she will be completing 12 credits ( 4 courses ) until august  and will be left out with 8 courses to complete her masters , looking into this will this be onto positive side or -ve side , if -ve side when can i plan for the Visa interview ?


2) SPONSOR STATUS :  I am on my H1  visa and applied for my greencard and got the labor approved and waiting on my I 140 , I have seen some older posts relating to denial of F1 visa as permanent status aspirant , will this be a big problem ? if so , what are the things i need to take care of.


3) SCHOOL :Will school will be of any impact ? she is doing her masters in NPU .


4)  She got a request to take up the TA position due to H4 status she couldn't take up the Job but , if she gets any approval for her TA before the Visa Interview how good is this ?


5) Regarding Finances : If  I show finances for her next 2 semesters will that be okie or I need to show  finances for rest of her course work . I am thinking of showing a letter from client stating a long-term of my project will this help for financial security .

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Per my last information, I was under the impression that for first time H1 or F1 one has to go to India or own country. Is this true.


if not, Please  


My wife has transferred from H4 to F1 and would like to go for stamping for F1 stamp. Is possible for my wife to get her first F1-Stamp in Canada. and if possible what location should we choose.


Thank You for your kind support and response

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1. It doesn't matter

2. Some cases exist.

3. It will definitely have impact. Check the accreditions of the school.

4. It will help

5. Client letter or employer letter won't help.


For question 5, you will be required to carry atleast 3 months bank statements that show your transactions and it should have enough funds that will cover her tution expenses for the rest of the course. It will not be enough if you take a letter from the bank showing your available amount on a particluar date. Because you can deposit bulk amount 5 days before stamping, get the letter and then take out the amount. That's why Visa officers prefer bank transactions statements.

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