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I am going to pursue following online masters degree. Kindly let me know if I would be able to apply in EB2 category (retaining EB3 Priority date) once I get this Master?


Please assume that the new position I will apply for once I get this Master has EB2 requirement (for ex. in another company), 


Online Master of Science in Information Technology from American Public University (APU).


Thank you in advance for your help.


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You are joking right ?


Are you serious about that University. It looks like straightforward fraud... dude. Just waiting to be investigated for its operations.


American Public University a for-profit "company" not a university.


Would be interested to know about the research you have done about their "academics" before deciding to enroll. You must be either too naive to join or incompetent to judge.


USCIS will reject your case. Not EB2 not even remotely. EB3.. may be..They have issues Denial letters to the slightest of the fraud indicators. This university has a red flag all over it.


You should hire a VERY STRONG ATTORNEY to represent your case. The profile attracts strong attention (not good) from any immigration analyst at USCIS if you apply for EB2.

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Kal911, I don't know why you think APUS is a fraud university. Can you state your reasons?


As far as what I have gathered from my research and consultation with my attorney is that if an institute or college is accredited (either nationally or regionally, its degree is valid for immigration purposes)


To check whether a university is accredited please use CHEA or OPE sites listed below:


It does not matter how much tuition you are paying for your degree (cheap is not always fraud; example WGU).


If the purpose of your degree is for further education then you may have to check whether its courses can be transferred or accepted at other institutions, this is totally different from immigration related matter. 

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They are a 4th-tier institution at best.

All for-profit universities are under scrutiny by several state attorney generals, because they over-promise and under-deliver, and leave people with lots of student debt and no usable qualifications.

Stay away from for-profit institutions.

Find a public university. Cheaper, and better education.

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