L1 to H1 Approved but not sure about Legal


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Hello Everyone,


I need some clarification on my L1 to H1 conversion.


I was in US stating from Apr 2012 to May 2013 on L1 with employer A. Before leaving US I have applied  H1B via employer B with existing I94. My application got selected and I have moved out of US by May when H1 in progress.


In  Oct 2013 I came to US with eployer A on L1 and countinue to work(My H1 was in progress). I have got new I94 and Jan 2014 my H1 got approved with employer B. 



1. Since i have reentered with new I94, is my H1 valid and ready to work with employer B?

2. Any legal issue changing employer? or need change of status?


Please advise. My L1 expiering in May 2014 and need to take decision as soona s possible.


Also employer A wants to apply H1 for me in this year quota. 


Thanks again.

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