Can I work on L2 EAD (extention) approval notice, while EAD card is yet to come


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I was on a L2 EAD which expired on 25 Feb 2014. My husband's lawyers applied for premium processing of extension of his L1 & my L2 petition, along with my L2 EAD extension application. 


USCIS approved my L2 EAD application on Feb 24, 2014; under the Class A18 valid from Feb 26, 2014 to Feb 25, 2016. However after two weeks of waiting, I am yet to get my renewed EAD card. I am currently on a leave of absence, and this is a time sensitive issue for me.


In this scenario, can I legally work with my EAD approval notice while waiting for the physical EAD card to be delivered by USCIS.


Any legal advice you can provide in this matter is highly appreciated.




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