On EAD - would like to switch jobs


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Hello Folks,


I have an approved I-140 from Company A and was working with A in H1B with Company B being the Client. I got an offer from B, moved from A and currently working with B for little over an year on EAD. When I joined B, my I-485 was pending for more than 365 days and attorney in B filed for AOS portability using AC21. Recently I travelled and returned back to the U.S using advance parole.    

I would like to switch job from Company B and have the below questions : 

1.  Can I switch job to company C on EAD. If yes, does C needs to file an AOS portability using AC21 for me.

2.  Can I move back to company A on EAD. A is still having my approved I-140.   If yes, does A needs to file an AOS portability using AC21 for me. 

My Priority date : July 2008.


Can you please provide me your expert opinion on my questions. 





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