Can I transfer h1B while I am in process of another transfer and previously approved I797 has been revoked?


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I have arrived to USA on Nov 20 2013. My I797 was approved in the name of company A when I entered USA. However within a month I had started the process of transfer of my H1B to company B. The I 797 receipt of transfer is available in the name of company B, and the transfer approval has not arrived yet . Also I am working at client site and have received pay stubs from B.


Now here is the situation:


Company A has revoked my I797 approved petition, and its receipt number shows revoked in USCIS website. However before it got revoked, employer B had already got the receipt of I797. Again employer B is not sharing the copy of I797 receipt. I want to transfer to Employer C.


So my questions are:


1>Can I transfer my H1B to company C (i am doubtful as Company A has already revoked my visa)?

2>Is it possible to H1B to C without a I797 receipt copy from B?

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