J1 visa for medical residency training


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Hi. I have a question regarding J1 visa for clinical residency training. One of the documents that should be provided is "statement of need" from the home country ministry of healthcare. I'm originally form one of ex-USSR country. Unfortunately, my home country is very tough for all kinds of docs for the USA - so, they completely refused to issue this document for me (saying "we will not issue this letter for you under no circumstances") - and it makes me impossible to get this document. Are there anyways for me still get J1 for my medical residency training? What should I do in my case? Thank you! 

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Training in the US does not guarantee you any kind of work visa or GC in the future.  If your home country will not grant you the paperwork for a waiver,  You have to serve out your 2 year HRR.


Otherwise, go to another country for your training which is more acceptable to your government.

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