H1B Visa from multiple employers


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"1. Can I have 2 H1B filed from 2 different companies ("B" and "C") at the same time?"

=> Yes, technically H1b from multiple employers is legal. USCIS will be interested to know that how will you work for both companies at same time? If the intent is to get better chances in lottery, it may fire you back.

2. If Both H1B (from company B and C) is approved, and I want to Join the company "B", will there be any issue legally?

=> If both approved, you can choose one of them and you will waste one H1b from the quota.


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I am in US on H4 Visa and 2 companies are willing to file H1B visa for me... Am I allowed to file H1B visa through 2 different employers or it will lead to some issues with my H1B  during lottery and final Approaval leading to RFE or anyother thing..




People with multiple applications get RFEs and audits nowadays, e.g., due to the suspicion that they paid for the H1 themselves instead of the employer.

And multiple petitions don't increase the chances.

Commit to one employer.

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