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  1. helprequired262

    More than one employer processing H1B

    There is no issue getting H1B from multiple employers as each case is treated differently. No 2 cases are inter-relatted and RFE is nothing do with that.. RFE can be due to any other reason but not asking why 2 applications for same Candidate by 2 different employers.. Go ahead..
  2. helprequired262

    H1B Transfer Case and Travel Plans

    Hi, It is always Advised not to travel while H1B transfer process is in progress. Why is that? Situation: I was on H4 Visa and got my H1B this cycle. Started working with Company A and now have a offer from Company B. They are about to start the transfer process in Premium. I need to travel in the month of Feb 2015 to Home country. what if H1 transfer lands up into RFE and Lawyer takes time to Respond back.. Can I still travel and get the stamping done with Company A and re-enter USA and start the H1B transfer process again with Company B? Any complications in this mode? What if the Petition gets approved while I travel. Can they send me the docs by post and I can take those to Consulate and get visa stamping or one has to be in US to get I-797 and then only travel and get the stamping done? - Note: Any how I need to go to consulate for visa stamping as I am in US on H4 right now and either with Company A or B or any other to re-enter US I need valid Visa on passport. Please advise?
  3. helprequired262

    H4 --> H1 COS query

    But, He says that he was on H4 and H1B got approved before his travel back. So Ideally he is on H1B and since he is on H1B, Paystub is mandatory.. Question is: can he still look for diff employer without paystubs..
  4. helprequired262

    Nov 28 th H1 B stamping Otttawa

    Is this ur first Visa stamping or Extension?
  5. helprequired262

    H4 to H1 visa stamping - Canada Ottawa

    Jairichi, As per question above, Its her wife's first visa stamping as she got her H4 to H1B. I heard that first time H1B stamping for H4 holder to H1B visa cannot be done from canada. They need to visit home country.. Please comment.
  6. Thanks Jairichi.. Will check with SSN office or CBP office to confirm the status.
  7. I arrived in the US in Jan 2014 on H-4 and I-94 # (ABC123) I had applied for H1-B COS in April through two employers. Here are the timelines for the approvals and my travel. 1) H1B COS Approval received for Company-A: 26 Sep 2014 ( I-94 # ABC123) 2) H1B COS Approval received for Company-B: 04 Oct 2014 (I-94 # ABC123) 3) I left the US & entered Canada: 04 Oct 2014 (H-1B not stamped) 4) I left Canada & entered the US: 06 Oct 2014 ((H-1B not stamped)) Same I-94 # Issued (ABC123) Note: I-94 # is same through out from Day 1, even with this Exit and Re-entry to USA. Questions: 1) I want to know what my current status in the US is (H1-B or H4)? 2) If I want to start working, do I need to get my stamping done? (If yes, can I go to Canada?) 3) Does my employer need to run my payroll as soon the approval is received? Or, is there a time till he can wait (my SSN hasn't been generated yet) as I got my documents last week. 4) In Case my H1B stamping is denied in Canada, can I re-enter US on H4 Visa or need to travel back to India from there? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is my first time H1B Stamping and I am in US on H4 Visa. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Hi, I am in US on H4 visa and I got my H1B Approval Notice few days back. I am planning to go to Canada to get the stamping done.. Am I eligible to go to Canada to get it done or need to go to home Country (India) to get it done and then Come back to US on H1B Visa? Till the stamping is done. What is my Status? H1B or H4? If my H1B visa is denied ( worst case Scenario) then, Can I re-enter US on H4 Visa or need to stay in Canada or go back to India?
  9. Hi, Are you guys visiting canada for your first H1B Stamping? I am in US on H4 visa and planning to go to canada for H1B stamping but read in a forum that first time H1B holder need to visit Home Country and only those who did their education from US can to Canada to get the H1B Stamped.. Please suggest.
  10. helprequired262

    H1B Stamping in Ottawa, Canada

    Question: All cases mentioned above are first timer H1B Stamping cases or Extension Cases? I heard that, Those who are in US on H4 visa and need H1B Stamping have to visit Home Country to get the H1B Stamped. Is that true? Please comment..
  11. helprequired262

    H4 to H1 COS- From when is my H1B Active?

    I-94 Number is same. It didnt change as during H1B filing I94 number was asked and the approved Petition has the same I-94 number..
  12. Ok.. So you were In US from 2013 or before on H1B and got H1B Approved to work from Oct 2013 and now getting it stamped. Is that correct? since It is your first time H1B stamp, arnt you required to go to Home Country to get the stamping done? I read in a forum that H1B stamping can be done from Canada or Jamaica if and only if you did your Masters from US.. Is that correct?
  13. helprequired262

    H1B Denied

    Better ask Employer to file for Fresh Petition and visa.. It will be faster as will be done in Premium..
  14. Are you on H4 visa and got H1B Approval and going for Stamping? Or Any other purpose?
  15. Yes, COS got approved before my travel. So according to this logic my H4 status with this exit and Entry to US did not override H1B status gained through H1B visa which got approved before my travel date. But I have put the same question in other forums and experts suggested me that H1B was approved but this Exit and Entry back in US on H4 made my status to H4 again overriding h1B status which was gained with this approval of COS from H4 to H1B. So I am confused what exactly is my status now? If I go to SSN office with the approved petition, will they be able to tell me what exactly is my current status in their system? Also If I call USCIS will they be able to tell me the status and clarify my doubts?