EB-2 NIW Exceptional Ability for Clinician (NOT 5 years)


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I am a nephrologist in private practice. I am a Clinician NOT a researcher. I am a member of Clinical Practice Committee which is part of Renal Physician Association.






National committees provide an important link between the association’s governing body and RPA members. By participating on a committee, you may contribute to your professional society in a specific area in which you have expertise or in which you are interested in expanding your knowledge. Committee participation is rewarding and provides members with a greater understanding of national issues facing the organization as well as the unique opportunity to work on a team to develop recommendations to address problems and challenges facing the nephrology specialty.


Clinical Practice Committee


•Review and revise as necessary RPA’s policies on credentialing issues.
•Monitor and develop policy as needed on nephrology work force issues.
•Monitor technological advancements and their impact on delivery of care.
•Increase, define and promote the role of nephrologists as principal providers and leaders of the renal care team for chronic kidney disease (CKD) and ESRD patients.
•Document and disseminate data regarding the value of nephrologist-directed renal care.
•Continue to advance the role and relevance of the dialysis facility medical director.
•Increase the legitimate scope of practice of the nephrologist.
•Define the roles of non-physician providers vis a vis the nephrologist and their training needs.
•Increase early identification and referral of CKD.

I am also a member of Government Affairs Committee which is part of Renal Physician Association




Government Affairs Committee


•Strengthen the public/private policy agenda for RPA.
•Increase effectiveness with influencing and educating key legislators/regulators.
•Increase RPA’s leadership role within the nephrology community for public and private sector policy development.
•Increase partnerships/alliances with relevant organizations as appropriate.
•Increase collaboration with industry initiatives where appropriate.
•Increase influence with non-renal organizations such as ACP, ABIM and AMA.
•Increase effectiveness of RPA regional leaders in influencing local health care policy development.


By being Member of these two committees, I am part of a body that makes decisions that are at national level and impact the whole country as one can read above. I am not chairman, but still I contribute into decision making which impact nephrology, dialysis, making policies, spending money on patients with kidney disease, medicare decisions etc at national level.


Can I use above for NIW as it is in national interest.

Here I am trying to satisfy the criteria - it's easier to break it down EB-1EA way:


1. Prizes or awards for excellence in the alien's field:

BEST RESIDENT AWARD in Residency Program


2. Membership in Associations:


I have Fellowship in 3 societies example FACP ...Fellow of American College of Physicians. FASN: Fellow of American Society of Nephrology, FNKF: Fellow of National Kidney Foundation. These are Fellowships and not just paid memberships.

Do these Fellowships have weightage?

3. Published Material:


I have poster presentations in national meetings and one first author publication recently published and one second author publication with 5 citations.

Working to getting more publications from my posters.


4. Judge of the work of others:

Can I claim the evaluations that I did of the residents, medical students and possibly even attendings, mentoring others etc as all judging the work of others. Organizing and taking part in Resident Research Day as a Chief Resident etc

Reviewed abstracts for New York American College of Physicians Annual meeting and Upstate meeting on 3 different occasions.

reviewed abstracts for Annual American College of Physicians meeting as preliminary judge.

was judge for Annual American College of Physicians poster competition for medical students at national level.

Reviewer for Annals of Internal Medicine - reviewer for one article only so far (how can I get invited by other journals?)


5. Alien's contributions to the field....Letters of Support


6) "Evidence of the alien's authorship of scholarly articles in the field, in professional or major trade publications or other major media."


Poster Presentations, 1 publication 1st author, 1 publication - 2nd author...working on others


7. Display of the alien's work


Have done Grand Rounds (lecture to physicians and others for which they get Continuous Medical Education (CME) credits to maintain their medical license)

Poster Presentation at annual Meetings as First author and second author.


8) "Evidence that the alien has performed in a leading or critical role for organizations or establishments that have a distinguished reputation."


Member of Clinical Practice Committee and Government Affairs Committee, Renal Physician Association


Member of Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee at local hospital


Member of Bylaws and Credentials Committee at local hospital


Have been Chief resident twice and have received the title for teaching students from medical school...."Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine"


I have received this letter from National Kidney Foundation for my Poster Presentation. Does it have any weightage:


Dear Dr’s:

Congratulations! Your poster, entitled “______” has been selected to be presented to visiting residents and interns invited by the NKF to encourage an interest in Nephrology training. Your poster was selected because of its quality and its particular potential interest to budding Nephrologists.

Approximately 100 residents and 10 mentors will visit the selected posters on Thursday April between 5:30 and 6:30 PM. I was hoping that you or another knowledgeable member of the authors of your poster could be available at that time to walk the residents through the poster, pointing out the major findings, answering questions, and participating in a discussion with them. In the past, this has been a very positive part of the program both for the presenters and for the residents.

I appreciate in advance your willingness to provide a representative of someone from your poster authorship to spend this hour at your poster.

I would also appreciate if you would kindly respond to this email by Thursday April 15 contacting my assistant to tell us whether or not you or someone from your group can be at the poster at this time, and who that person would be.

Looking forward to seeing you or your representative at the Poster on April 15.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this program.


I also had a title/Appointment for 2 years from a Medical School in USA: Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine


I want to apply for EB-2 NIW. I would love to apply for EB-1 EA but my CV is no where close to researchers on the forum as I am not a researcher but clinician.


I do have a lawyer but in the end I have to think "out of the box" to get my application approved.


How do I maximize my chances?



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Usually forums run by law firms do not encourage posts if one already has a Lawyer due to Ethics considerations. I would suggest you actually consult the Murthy law firm which has a Good Track Record in the NIW GC field and get their take . I suggest that they should do the thinking out of the Box for you as they also like success. Pick one firm and go for it. Presentation is king along with KEY Words .


 Can a Hospital or health system not sponsor you? Physicians do work in O1 and H1 status as Assistant Professors in the Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania. Just a thought. In any case best of luck.

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I am from India.

I have sent my CV to various law firms and no one was ready to think out of box.

I feel being member of RPA committees, I am contributing Nationally by the way on decisions being made that affect policies. Lot of money is spent on kidney disease and dialysis.

Publication record is not great hence no EB-1. Every law firm wants lot of publications with great number of citations.

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If you are getting the same response from multiple firms, it is unlikely that you are qualified. They have likely told you what is necessary to qualify. Take their advice and quit trying to force the issue until you have improved your CV.


Not everyone who want to get an EB-1 is as good as they think they are.  This should be your reality check. If you do not like it, you can go home. Other than that, listen to the attorneys and improve your publication record.

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