H1B holder marrying a US Citizen


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I'm on an H1B visa and will be marrying a US Citizen next  month. My current job has no security and I would like to look for another job. My questions are:


1. Can I quit my job while waiting for my EAD (Employment Authorization)? The other reason why I want to quit my job is because it is located in a different city that's about 2 hours away from where my future husband and I would like to live in. He says it won't make sense for him to move closer to where my work is (just to wait for me to get my EAD), sign another lease, have to hire movers etc, only for us to move back after I get my EAD.


2. How long after marriage do I get my EAD?


3. My husband and I plan to do the application ourselves. Do we just find the required forms online and mail them to immigration?


Thanks everyone.

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