Need B2 Visa


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Hi All,


I am planning to apply for a B2 Visa this summer , to visit my cousins who are working on H1B there.

I have a series of questions regarding the US VISA process.


1.  How strong are the chances for me to get a B2 Visa approved as the purpose of travel is just to meet my cousins.?

2.  I work for a fortune 100 company as software engineer here in India and i have plans to apply for H1B visa through the same employer in 2015.

3.  If  I get B2 this year , is there any process to get this B2 transferred  to H1B in future ?

4.  Incase if the visitor visa gets rejected now , will it have any impact on the H1B i am planning to go for in near future ?


Please Suggest ,,,,,,,,







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1. Tourism and meeting Relatives. Places near where you will be staying. If NYC then SOL etc.

2. Totally immaterial and irrelevant to your visa application.

3. Separate entities mutually exclusive.

4. No





 Get a leave letter form your Office for 4 weeks also mentioning you are a FT employee earning whatever and on vacation for so and so to so and so and joining back on XYUZ.

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