H1B petition validity and transfer


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Can I transfer my Valid approved H1b petition from 4/2004 from employer #1to my current employer?


H1b Petition filed by employer 1 in 2004. Approved and traveled to USA in July2005 and returned India in October 2005.Quit Employer #1.

Joined employer #2 and filed a NEW H1B petition#2 and got it approved in 2007. Quit Employer #2 and joined Employer # 3 , transferred H1b . Completed 6 years and returned to India in December 2013.

Can I use my first petition approved in 2004 and transfer it to Employer #3 to enter USA after 365 days (i.e december 2014).


I appreciate any similar cases inout or legal advice. I understand this might be tricky. but appreciate yoru time in advance.

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