Stamping in a tricky situation-Travelling to India between changing job


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Hello Friends,


I am in a tricky situation and any advice will be of great help:


Travelling to India between changing jobs. 7th year on H1B. Current H1 with Co. A, yesterday received the approval of my H1 Extension (for1yr.). Got an offer from Co. B and they will be filing my case next week premium i.e. 18th Feb.. I am leaving for India on March 3rd. I am not sure if i will receive the decision before I leave and as per my attorney its okay to leave the country as far as the application is filed before i leave. Now the question is:


- Once i am in India I will i have to go for stamping and i want to go with my new I-797. Now we need to book a date in advance (Mumbai consulate), what if I haven't received my new approval notice. Fyi, I do not want to get it the stamped based on my current I-797 since it is just for one year whereas my new approval (with Co. B) I am assuming will be for 3 years (since my I140 is approved - keeping my fingers crossed).

-Can i book an appointment based on my current employer's I797 and then edit it later when i receive the approval with new employer? Not sure if that is possible? Or if there are any other options?


- Also, my new employer was asking me if they should put Counselor Processing or I-94 on the application? Is it okay if they put I-94 because in that case i will end up with different I-94s (Current and new).


- Last Q, do i need to carry my approved I-140 original copy for stamping? Since my employer is not ready to release that? Is the original required?


This is bit urgent and these Q are driving me crazy. Please provide your feedback.


Thanks a ton!!


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