Travel on AP(485 pending) and Employer Change Questions

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I have some questions about Employer Change and Traveling. 

Some background about my Immigration status:
I'm on a valid H1-B visa right now (5th year). My visa is valid till Sep 2015 (visa not stamped). My employer applied for Employment based GC (EB-2 category), my I-140 is approved and the priority date is Dec'2011.

I got married last year Aug' 2013 and my wife is a Green Card holder. I applied for family based Green Card under F2-A category (Concurrent applications I130, I131, I765, I485). My I485 is pending for GreenCard Testing/Interview and the other applications are approved. I received my EAD(and Advance parole) and it's valid from Dec2013 to Dec2014. Below are my questions:

1) I'm planning to go to India for a month in Apr/May. Can I travel to India/US using my Advance parole and Do I need H1-B stamping when I return to US?
2) Can I change my employer using the EAD (family based GC), after I come back to US?
3) If I change my employer using the EAD, what's going to happen to my H1-B visa with the current employer and the Employment based Green Card (EB-2), are they still valid?
4) After I start working for the new employer, If my family based GC gets rejected (happens rarely), what's going to happen to my Immigration status?

Thanks for help.

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1. You can return with AP.

2. Yes. EAD based on your FB based Immigration AOS provides UNRESTRICTED work authorization with any company.

3. By that time you will have the GC. Forget the H1. Your GC application based on work will take a long time and you will be a citizen by then. Once your GC based on FB Immigration arrives all other GC applications fall by the wayside.

4. See 3. If your FB application is denied you have more serious problems. Fraud is the only reason for denial of the current FB based petition and I assume that's not in the picture.

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