Tourist or Working Visa?


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I would really appreciate any help as it's all very confusing to me...

Well.. After my graduation this year I want to do some traveling on the west coast (that requires a travel visa B1/B2, I'm from Poland, but permanently living in UK) during my time there I would also like to find a job in my profession and stay more than 90 days. I know that my future (potential) employer will have to sponsor my working visa (H1B?) My question and confusion is... should I go on my vacation on the tourist visa and then possibly transfer to working visa, if I successfully find a job of course? Can I do that while I'm in the USA? I don't want to violate the purpose of my travel visa, but the thing is I've always wanted to work in the USA after finishing my university but I would like to go there first and spend a few weeks just to see if I actually like it there and then try to find a job... So basically I'm going to US to do some traveling but also with a purpose of working there in a profession (Landscape Architecture). I'm just not sure how I could handle this visa-wise. 


All the Best!

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I personally know a grad degreed landscape architect who has been unable to find a job. These are scarce.


Work visas are likely to be gone almost immediately in April for Oct start. Although you can enter as a tourist to see the country and look for a job, it is unlikely that you will be able to find a job and remain to begin work and certainly not on the VWP.


Read the USCIS documentation about work visas

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I think it is a good idea to go visit the States to see what you think and whether you would enjoy living and working in the country. It’s a big step to move abroad (even though you have already moved from your home country!) and it’s best if you are completely sure. However, as others say above, you will find it difficult to find a job, get sponsorship, and have a visa processed in time. It is most likely you will need to leave after your tourist visa is done then come back, hopefully after an employer has sponsored you and you have the relevant visa. There is lots of information on the government site

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