H1B visa : 1099 Misc due to using client Bus Pass


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Guys...I have a typical situation. While working in my client place, I availed the bus pass from my client. Later on this year, Client HR Person has sent a If  1099 Misc income to me. Being on H1B, i was not expecting a 1099 Misc in my name. And that to i was not expecting that for availing a bus pass she will send a 1099 Misc for $490. Now due to this situation, i requested my client that i would like to refund the money as i was not aware about the tax aspect while availing the situation.


Now my question is that is it illegal to get a 1099 Misc to avail the Bus pass of the client? Of course, if it is what is the way out. Already ihave asked my client HR that i will refund the money. But they are not responding it to me. If they do not respond, what are other ways out for me in this situation. Any feedback is appreciated.

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