Can I change my job to a different field with approved I140 but before a 3 yr approved H1B


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Hello All,


I have about 1 year of H1B time left on my work visa and I am looking to change jobs after my I140 gets approved (shortly) to a differrent field (professional services consulting for a tech product company to product management at a tech firm). My question is: can my prospective employer in the new role file for 3 year H1B on the basis of my approved I140? and is it binding that the product manager role have some similarities in job description to the job description filed for the current professional services consulting role? 


I am also looking to move from EB3 to EB2 with this change (I have multiple advanced degrees and years of relevant work experience and please also assume that the minimum qualifications in the new product manager role would afford me to file in EB2) 


Finally, is it safer to first obtain 3 year H1B at current company and then look to change job fields - retention of priority date will be my preference but worse case I am ok in giving up priority date in favor of a good product management opportunity. 


Your insights and experience in this regard is appreciated.


Thank you,



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Thank you for the response. So after getting my I140 approved for a field lets say field A, I can change jobs to field B and still be able to get my H1B extended in field B and also retain my PD in field B? Don't I need the job description of field A PERM that was filed to match with job description of position in field B?


kindly confirm this. 

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