Taking break on H1b and going back


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My employer is currently in process of filing an extension for H1b as my current H1b will expire by July 2014; And I am planning to go back to India for a year to live with my parents and then come back after 2015 or 2016.


Now my employer will be fine with me quitting and may be rehiring on H1b if I want to come back in future; but my question is that what will happen to H1b? My extension, if approved, in April will be valid until 2016 and lets say I decide to quit the job and go back to India then will my employer will be able to stop the clock of H1b from running?


I just want to take a break for a year or so and travel with my family, my employer is fine with it, but I want to know the process which will take during that absence. Again


H1b extension is currently being filed

Once Approved it will H1b or I-797 will be valid until 2016

Planning to quit job in 2014 October and resume in 2016

Can employer stop the H1b and refile when I want to come back in 2016? I will still have 2 years remaining on H1 from total of 6 years.


What will this process entail?


Thanks for your input.



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