H4 to F1 - I-539 using ELIS


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I am using ELIS to e-file all documents required for I-539. Here are my questions -


1. Should I attach I-539 also along with the supporting documents? I reason I ask this is there is no where in the ELIS where it asks for the filled in I-539 instead the application itself says 'Application to Extend/Change Non-Immigrant Status (I-539)'. Please clear this confusion.


Here is the list of documents I submitted -


Financial -

I-134 where my husband is sponsor

Husband's Bank statements latest

Husband's last 3 paystubs

I-901 receipt for SEVIS


Identity -

My Drivers License

My Passport & Visa (my H4 is stamped so ignored I797C)

Husband's Passport & Visa

Husband's I-797A


Immigration -


Change of status I-20

Visa stamps old & new


2. Please let me know if I am missing any other documents. Some say it is good to show letter of consent from me and a supporting letter of financial support from my husband. Is it necessary?


Please clarify.



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I am currently on H4 and I will be joining a business school this august. I am applying for COS through USCIS ELIS system and I need clarification before answering a question.

I had filed for F1 visa last year which was rejected, is this case please let me know as to what should I answer to the following question in the 'Eligibility Information Immigration Visa' section?



To your knowledge, are you, or any other person included on this benefit request the beneficiary of any other nonimmigrant or immigrant application or petition?


Yes Or No?

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